Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Thinking...

It's time again to think about this year's challenge. 2008 has been a great year, but it hasn't been a sport's year. Instead, it's been a marriage year. Even though we eloped, the year was hectic. It began with some dysentary and injury in Asia, an amazing wedding adventure in Switzerland, some good base training in the spring (before and after), a great work trip, a fantastic new lifestyle, and a scary thought--and we thought Romney/Edwards was a silly ticket. Now fall is here, and it's time to get back to what I do: get ready for an upcoming adventure.

Since I really have a couple of old chronic injuries that need serious attention, I'm going to focus all thought on next year. But I still need a challenge for right now. One that will force some focus and, hopefully, inspire me to a new level of fitness. Today on my run I began thinking about some things I'd like to do next year. So I'm thinking of a different scenario for 48; a 12 month challenge with goals along the way that will lead up to a big challenge at 49.

I wanted to choose only things that I really want to do. Other years I'd often add something I didn't like, just for the difficulty. That's cool, but this year--in order to keep a more regimented focus--I think I'll stick to things that I find fun.

I'm thinking (just thinking at this point) of 12 goals for the year. I'll try and arrange them so some will get ticked on the way to others. As is my usual, I will try a combination of sports, power AND endurance, a toss a vocation in there as well. Here are my first thoughts:

1. Climb a 5.13
Haven't done one of these in a while (at least not a real one). I got on the below route the other day and got pummeled. I think it would be a good project. Not impossible, but it will take focus and training. Plus, it's only a few minutes from my house.

2. Win a multi-sport race
Haven't raced much in a while but think I should do a couple this year. When I say win, I mean age group. However, if I can find more of these I think Beata and I can take the whole thing.

3. Win a bike race
This is the hardest thing on my list. I've never won a bike race. Even if you're the fittest guy chances are you won't win. I've spent most of my time in bike races working for other people. To win one I'm going to have to get my sprint back, take some chances, and have some luck. This will take the type of training the should fix my knee, which is the main motivator.

4. Run 100 miles
I guess this one may not be fun, exact, but it's something that I feel I should do. I'm not sure this has to be a race. I may just concoct some big adventure.

5. Write a book
I've got all these treatments sitting around. I need to get more organized, disciplined, and do it. Beachbody has mentioned (for years now) publishing some of the things I've already written in book form, so maybe I'll start with that. Regardless of that fact that they've been written, a lot of work will still be needed to get my article up to snuff for a book.

6. Ride 100 miles of single track on my single speed
I've got a lot of great epic single track rides I want to do around here. I'm thinking the old E100 course in a single speed.

7. Ride the 6 Canyons
Local classic test that I really need to do. My friend Jan does (or tries) it every year. Last year he calculated it to be 33,000' of climbing. I think it's a lot less but, regardless, next year I need to be ready to join him.

8. Climb a grade V in a day
Actually, I'm thinking about linking two grade IVs on Notch Peak in a day, which will do. Both will be better. I haven't done enough big stuff in the mountains to suit me. I want to begin to do more, again, because moving fast in the mountains is one of my favorite things in life.

9. Climb 100 routes in a day
I used to do volume climbing all the time. I still, occasionally, do. I've soloed 100 pitches but never done 100 of proper roped climbing. It's a nice round number to shoot for. Now I just need to find the right area.

10. Ski 49s
I suck at skiing. I want to be better. I was given some skate skis (thanks, Aaron). The least I can do is to skate 49 miles in a day. Is this a lot? I'm going to find out. I figure I should also go for a big downhill day of 49,000' of vertical. Shouldn't be a problem if I can find a fast enough lift.

I need some training goals. Doing some heavy leg weight will help fix my knee. I once did a 500 pound squat in college. I want nothing to do with that kind of weight. But some sort of leg weight gauge for winter is in order here.

12. Campus 1-4-7
Not too hard when I was younger but I'm old. Plus, when I could campus 1,4,7 I could climb 5.13. Campusing is a young man's game but fun. Plus, staying healthy doing it will put my knowledge to task. Below, some guy makes 1-4-7 look easy.


voodoo child said...

Hey Steve, thought it'd be better to catch ya here than on the BC site. I'm doing another challenge this year that centers around a 27 mile run for my 27th b-day but am needing some other "fun" activities to throw in. I'm in IL so I'm lacking alot of environmental stimulation that you westerners are privy to. I'll be keeping posts updated on my blog Thanks again for promoting birthday's made a huge difference in my life.


Steve Edwards said...

Hey Brad,

Sorry so slow in responding. I haven't checked this blog since writing it. Now I need to update it. I'll check your blog out and respond there.